Our Reputation for Quality Begins with Sliver Knitting

Sliver knitting, or high-pile knitting, is a process that locks individual fibers into a lightweight knit backing. The length of acrylic fibers used adds dimension and warmth to the fabric, when needed, without adding additional weight. Other advantages of using acrylic fibers include the incorporation of colorfast dyes and, a finished fabric that is odor and mildew resistant. The end result is a light, soft, comfortable fabric that is warmer than fleece and is machine washable and dryable.

Monterey Mills is one of only a few manufacturers remaining that uses this superior technique of producing fabric, as others in the industry have walked away from sliver-knitting due to the labor-intensive process and the attention to detail required to produce consistent results. At Monterey Mills, we’re proud to have the years of experience and craftsmanship necessary to keep the lost art of sliver-knitting alive, resulting in fabrics that give us an edge in the market and allow us to continue delivering the highest quality products to our customers.