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Monterey Mills is North America's largest sliver knitter and paint roller fabric supplier.

Oil Spill Cleanup Pads

In 2010, Monterey Mills developed oil cleanup pads in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Out of 120,000 potential solutions, our pads were among 150 chosen for intense testing and scrutiny. Although BP ultimately passed on the pads in favor of a chemical solution, the rigorous testing earned our pads EPA approval for oil spill cleanup and proved that they are an effective, non-toxic option for oil spills of all sizes.
  • Non-Toxic Solution to Oil Spill Cleanup and Containment
  • Effective on Land, at Sea, or Indoors
  • Ability to Produce and Ship Thousands of Yards of Pads Daily for Large Spills
  • EPA Approved for Oil Spill Cleanup of All Types

Oil cleanup pads are effective in fresh and salt water as well as on land, sand, concrete and asphalt.

For medium-large scale spills on water, transport barges and other boats can be modified quickly for dispatching and harvesting absorbent pads. Through our partnership with Aquarius Systems, we can assist in this process.

A small, sample pad is dispatched into a bay by a modified transport barge.

The sample pad is collected by a Harvester.