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Monterey Mills is North America's largest sliver knitter and paint roller fabric supplier.

History of Monterey Mills

Monterey Mills

Monterey Mills, founded by Carl Jensen and later run by his son, Jay Jensen, began in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1965 manufacturing faux fur for the women’s apparel and toy industries, as well as home furnishings such as bedspreads, throws and bath rugs. With improvements in microfibers and knitting technology, Monterey Mills expanded and improved its products. Its physical size expanded as well.

In 1978, the Company expanded its operations with a mill in Cowan, Tennessee. Production at the Cowan plant was discontinued in February 2003. The Consumer Products Division, Monterey Apparel, operated as a sister company to Monterey Mills until operation was discontinued in December of 2000.

Throughout its history, Monterey Mills has relied on a team of dedicated individuals for its continued success. Much of the credit for the company’s continued growth and success is the result of top-notch engineers, creative designers, customer-oriented salespeople, hard-working machine operators and all the other individuals who have been a part of Team Monterey.

Roller Fabrics

Joseph Rosenberg founded Roller Fabrics in 1946. Upon returning from World War II military service, Rosenberg started Argonaut Mills. At this time, the company primarily made polishing pads and hat trims. From 1946-1955, the company was located in the historic Third Ward District of Milwaukee. Rosenberg expanded the use of pile fabric when paint rollers started being used during the 1950’s. Subsequently, he changed the name to Roller Fabrics. In 1955, Rosenberg moved the company to 418 North Third Street.

Robert Pereles, Rosenberg’s cousin, joined the company in 1957 and worked as the Plant Manager. In 1968, Pereles purchased 49% of the capital stock and became Vice President with responsibilities in operations and sales. Pereles took over ownership of the company in 1985.

On February 1, 1995, Daniel Sinykin and his wife, Jodi Habush, purchased the company from Robert Pereles. After construction of a new building, Sinykin moved the business to 6600 West Calumet Road in July 1997.

Monterey Mills and Roller Fabrics

In August 2005, Daniel Sinykin and his wife, Jodi Habush purchased Monterey Mills from Jay Jensen and consolidated operations in January 2006. His goal was and is to continue expanding the business by offering the highest quality knitted pile fabric to industrial and retail markets.

Monterey Mills’ main products include: knitted pile fabric used for paint rollers, wool and wool blended buffing pads, hospital pads, wash mitts and wash mitt fabric, apparel, toy, the Denali Home Furnishing line, and fabric manufactured for industrial applications. Monterey Mills is considered the premier supplier of knitted pile fabric in the paint roller industry.

Monterey has grown and matured into an innovative and highly respected company.